The remarkable life & legacy of the Mozart of Basketball

by Todd Spehr

Praise for the book

Drazen Petrovic is right there with Maurice Stokes and Reggie Lewis as one of the great ‘What Ifs?’ in NBA history.- Bob Ryan, sportswriter for Boston Globe and ESPN
...The basketball-loving world owes Todd Spehr a huge debt of gratitude for this meticulously researched and brilliantly told story.- Harvey Araton, New York Times columnist and author of “When The Garden Was Eden.”

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The Re-release: Fact Sheet

On March 30, 2015, I self-published a book that was three years in the making: DRAZEN The Remarkable Life & Legacy of the Mozart of Basketball. The response was amazing, entirely due to the feelings that many have for Drazen Petrovic, the path that he helped create, his spirit, and …Continue Reading.

The Unanswered Question

My basic approach to the initial research process for DRAZEN was to identify the key parts of Drazen’s life, and from there chase the branches that fed off. Needless to say, there were lots of branches. One persistent narrative that was hard to overcome was the next direction Drazen’s career …Continue Reading.

Drazen and Arvydas

From what I understand, the supposed rift between Drazen Petrovic and Arvydas Sabonis, one that dated back to a steady stream of heated battles on the biggest of European stages in the mid-eighties, was resolved over a couple of beers while supplying urine tests at the 1988 Olympics. It was …Continue Reading.

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